Welcome Letter from the Chair

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of the Planning and Scientific Committees, welcome to the 7th Annual Atlantic Immuno-Oncology Virtual Symposium, an event dedicated to the education of the medical community in the Atlantic Region on the ever-changing topic of Immuno-Oncology.  Our theme this year will be on Micro-Environment Print.

In creating our agenda and carefully selecting our subject expert speakers, keeping in consideration our theme, we decided on the objectives as follows:

  • Understand the tumor micro-environment and its key-role in cancer development and finding new potential targets.
  • Appreciate the updated clinical benefit of immune checkpoint inhibitors for the treatment of different malignancies.
  • Illustrate rare immune related adverse events.

Immunotherapy is now an established treatment for multiple types of cancer.  Still, we have important challenges in predicting benefits in a particular patient. Micro-environment print could be our GPS to guide us in understanding why immunotherapy works well in one patient, and not in another with the same diagnosis and staging.

In this symposium, we will also have an update for new IO medications and how they may help to overcome the resistance to immunotherapy, from a micro-environment print perspective.  We will have updates in the IO arena, including a review of adverse events and interesting case discussions.  We included other discipline opinions who significantly impact the outcome of the patient management including nurses and clinical pharmacists. Their integration in the patient management is important and appreciated.

As an industry, we are currently finding ourselves with some unique challenges, whether these challenges come in the form of a virus, government regulation, or a general shift in public sentiment. It is at these times when the relationships between all of us become even more important.  We invite you to actively participate in this virtual symposium along with our distinguished speakers and generous supporters, who have enthusiastically supported our region and without whom, this education would not be possible.

I wish for you an informative meeting.



Dr. Mahmoud Abdelsalam, MD, PhD

Medical Oncologist, The Moncton Hospital

Chair, 7th Annual Atlantic Immuno-Oncology Virtual Symposium

Professor in the Department of Medicine, Dalhousie University